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Before the Time Comes

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Most important for any caregiver is a guide to all the things to consider as you take over your senior’s life. If you begin by talking and sharing with the whole family, you can then complete the worksheets presented in BEFORE THE TIME COMES and use this concrete information as your tool to help with successful aging.

Each section includes real-life examples and a consistently upbeat voice to join you as you embrace the simple logic of five essential steps.  Available in paperback, Kindle, EPub, and Audible, although paperback is recommended here because of easy access to the worksheets.

Good things come to those who DON’T wait!

How to Easily Move an Aging Parent into their Next Home
– Like a Pro

By following the ideas, concepts and steps in this book, you and your move team can break the huge, overwhelming chore of “moving” into a series of smaller, easy to handle tasks. With Monica’s guidance you’ll be able to plan and execute this move – like a pro, with a minimum of stress and trauma. Includes a BONUS chapter  about how to get started on what remains at the house, after the move.

Image of "How to Easily Move an Aging Parent Into Their Next Home- Like a Pro" by Monica E. Young

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